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Software Engineer

  • Engineering
  • San Francisco, CA

In theory, it's easy to build applications that consume APIs from ubiquitous services like GMail, Spotify and Yelp. In practice, developers must travel a long road to deliver an end product. What should take just a couple hours often evolves into a multi-day marathon of creating a development environment, tinkering with SDKs, writing application logic, and figuring out how to deploy.

Transposit is a platform for building API-powered applications. We offer an opinionated set of tools to facilitate prototyping, debugging and deploying: examples include authentication, user management, and web hosting. Our relational engine translates SQL into API calls like the relational database did for local data. We make writing data-driven applications as easy as it should be.

Our engineering team works with a full stack of technologies including Java, MySQL, GRPC, Docker, AWS, React, Redux and TypeScript. As a team member, you'll have a chance to work across the stack on features like query optimization, API integration and more. You'll be joining a small, diverse team with opportunities to learn from industry veterans and become an early expert as the company and customer base grow.

We're hiring engineers for full-time positions and internships.  

Apply online at transposit.com/brown