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The world of data is becoming increasingly diverse and fragmented. What's good news for rulers of data fiefs is bad news for developers who stitch the fragments together. Transposit brings good news to both, removing the repeated work of connectivity, testing, deployment, diagnostics, performance, and scale.

Transposit was founded in 2016 by Adam Leventhal ’01 and Tina Huang. We are an early stage startup building a SaaS platform. We work with a full stack of technologies including Java, MySQL, GRPC, Docker, AWS, React, Redux and TypeScript. If you want to solve engineering problems throughout the stack, build a product for developers, and join early at a growing company, you’re a great fit. We're hiring engineers for full-time positions and internships.

Tech talk on Oct. 11th, 5:30pm CIT 368. On-campus interviews Oct. 12th.

Apply online at transposit.com/brown